Are You Struggling with Addiction to Painkillers?

Patients dependent on pain meds (or heroin) cannot simply just stop them. We know it is not that simple. Here at Detox with Dignity, we customize treatment plans for your individual needs precisely because sobriety is not a simple feat and because no two patient's needs are the same as you are an individual. Recovery is possible. You owe it to yourself to get help. Call us today to start your journey to overcoming addiction.

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Pregnant and Addicted?

If you're pregnant and painkillers and/or heroin are destroying your life, we can help you. We're a discreet, non-judgmental clinic that will put you and your baby first. Get help now. Contact us.

Dignity & Discretion

We offer many different services in one location, so it doesn't have to be anyone's business what we are helping you with. We put you and your privacy first, and treat you with the dignity you deserve while you're going through this struggle.


Treatment Tailored for You

You are unique. Sometimes additional and/or alternative medication to allow safe reduction of dosage over time or other therapeutic modalities to reduce pain and withdrawal symptoms are necessary to safely transition off of pain meds or other drugs. We tailor our solutions to your needs and situation to make sure you get better. 

Get Help Now. Do it for Your Loved Ones. Do it for Yourself.
Recovery can seem impossible when you're stuck in a rut. Let us help with that. We're non-judgemental and discreet and are dedicated to get you back on track. Get help now.
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Call us now for a free on-site estimate. 

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