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Probuphine Implant Provider: The First Implant for Treatment of Opiate Detox and Opioid Dependence

Available in May, 2016 , the first implant  for opioid dependence has been approved by the FDA for patients who are already stable on low doses of buprenorphine.  The Probuphine implant will deliver buprenorphine for up to 6 months and should be part of a medically supervised treatment program…….and we are a Probuphine implant healthcare provider.

Buprenorphine is a common prescription medication for opiate detox and opioid dependence and has only been available in oral form in the past.  The medication has to be dissolved under the tongue or through the lining of the mouth.  The Probuphine implant is the first treatment that provides long term delivery of a proven medication for opioid dependence that ensures proper dosage. The value of the Probuphine implant is that patients will receive consistent levels of buprenorphine for at least 6 months without having to remember a daily pill, or refill a prescription.  The FDA has approved the Probuphine implant for up to 6 months.  We plan on monitoring our patients to determine if it’s possible to extend the duration even longer.

This is an important option for opioid dependent patients.  This is a chronic disease that kills 78 people per day on average in the U.S..  Opioid addiction has become an epidemic, as 2.2 million people in the U.S. are addicted to opiates.  The U.S. is  responsible for 80% of the world’s opioid consumption, and, opioids are responsible for 75% of drug-related overdose deaths, surpassing deaths due to automobile crashes.  To classify:  At one time “opioids” referred to synthetic opiates only. Now, the term Opioid is used for the entire family of opiates including natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic.

The Probuphine implant is placed in the upper arm on the inner side, sub-dermally, in an outpatient office procedure, and removed at the end of the treatment in the same manner.  Probuphine implants are about the size of a matchstick, and contains enough buprenorphine for at least 6 months.

Call us today at 770-680-2197 to see if the Probuphine implant is right for you.  We can help.

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